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100% Pure Organic Solution for Joint Pain in One Combo Pack

Joints are important part of our body, which connect the tissues that ultimately support the bones and body movements effectively. Today, Joint pain has been affecting millions of people per day and is becoming one of the reasons to many body disorders. Many a times this joint pain may originate from a muscle or surrounding bones while other times, it arises from the inflamed joints and adjacent soft tissues. Today, the market is flooded with various tonics and capsules promising to provide instant relief from joint pain but unfortunately, these have failed to do so and increase the problem instead.

sunrise joint care combo

In today’s disease prone life, everyone wishes to use natural and organic products. The products available in the market are grown using chemicals and they contain synthetic preservatives, or petroleum chemical bases, which are very injurious to health.

In view of this, Organic Sunrise has come with its unique combo pack containing Joints Care Juice and MR Tea. This combo pack is a natural joint pain remedy for men as well as women. Sunrise is a well known manufacturer of Orthonil Syrup. These medicines are widely used in many diseases. Orthonil Syrup is their famous medicine to reduce the joints problem of human body. This Joints Care Juice protects and nourishes the cartilage-producing cells, and also offers those cells essential building blocks to generate new cartilage and connective tissue.

Organic  Sunrise Natural MR_TEA is exclusively prepared for people suffering from inflammation, joints discomfort and stiffness. MR-Tea contains standardized extracts of herbs, valued in Ayurveda for clearing accumulated ama (toxins  at joints) and for pacifying Vata, which adversely affect joint health.

Ingredients of Sunrise Joint Care Juice & MR Tea

  • Salai guggul extarct. (boswellia serrata)
  • Nirgundi extarct. (vitex negundo)
  • Malkangni extarct. (celastrus panicults)
  • Rasna extarct. (inula racemosa)
  • Methi extarct. (Trigonellia foenumgraecum)
  • Hadjod extarct. (vitis quadrangularis)
  • Aloevera ras. (Aloevera Barbdensis)
  • (Potassium sorbate, M.P.S.,P.P.S.,)
  • Sodium EDTA, Xanthangum, bronopol & DM water)
  • Class-II class-II preservation in permitted quantity

Health Benefits

  • Help provide nutritive support for healthy ligament tendon
  • Improves joint function
  • Increases the strength, flexibility, support and movement of joints and muscles
  • Improves immunity and resistance power

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