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weight loss combo pack

Today, the number of people suffering from obesity or overweight has reached epidemic proportions. Obesity problem is not only a problem for adults but also for kids due to their laziness and bad food habits. It can be noted that Overweight individuals are at risk for developing various health issues, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, joint pain and gallbladder disease. Due to hard and fast life style and unhealthy diets, it seems impossible to lose weight by having a few days work out or medicines.

Also, the most of the diets and quick weight-loss plans fail to deliver results as claimed. In order to help people lose their weight without using chemicals and stay healthy, Sunrise has come with a combo pack which is a 100% organic solution for weight loss with no side effects. This combo includes:

Sunrise Dr Honey:

Containing extratcs of Garcinia cambojia, Catkins, Cinnamon, and Black Pepper,Organic Sunrise has made Natural Dr. Honey which is a delicious Ayurvedic Weight Loss Formulation ideally suited for those who have tendency to accumulate fat. It also controls lipid, cholesterol and triglycerides. It also checks accumulation of fats usually observed after pregnancy.

Sunrise Aloevera Wheatgrass Juice:

Sunrise Wheatgrass Juice is considered to be a complete food because it contains high concentrations of chlorophyll (offering high level of energy), active enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients. One of the best things about wheatgrass juice is that it is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream and likely to give energy.

Sunrise Obesity Care Juice:

Organic Sunrise Natural Obesity care Juice is a perfect blend of Ayurvedic herbs like Guggulu, Aloevera, Garlic, Green Tea and Garcinia. It reduces obesity, manages Fat metabolism, and maintains physical structure. This blend help reduce body weight by suppressing appetite and helps body to burn extra calories by biological combustion of food intake. It thus helps in gaining a perfect body shape and structure.

Sunrise Organic Sweet Leaf:

Organic Sunrise Natural Sweet Leaf is a natural, convenient and healthy sweetener. It contains no calories, carbohydrates & has no after taste with diabetic friendly properties. You can add sweet flavour to any snack, drink or food with a pinch of Sunrise Stevia Leaf and satisfy your craving for sweets without the additional calories in sugar or the harmful side effects of artificial sweeteners.


Organic Sunrise Natural Obecut-Tea is a unique and naturally caffeine free herbal tea containing herbs that may aid in weight loss when combined with moderate exercise and a sensible diet. It also addresses all metabolic functional disorders linked to obesity or over-weight. It contains Garcinia, Boerhaavia diffusa and Fructo oligo sacchharides with Stevia Green Extract Powder, which help in reducing body weight by suppressing appetite and inhibiting the conversion for calorie into body fat.

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