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One Fruit and Multiple Health Benefits

POME juice and Tea

Pomegranate is one of the delicious and nutritious fruit which is rich in vitamins and minerals and works wonderfully for human health. Pomegranate naturally possesses an effective anti-oxidant known as punicalagin. This antioxidant is helpful in providing instant body energy more than that provided by grape juice, red wine, green tea, acai juice and any other substance. Having pomegranate juice or daily diet balances the blood pressure and eliminates oxidative stress. It detoxifies the body and purifies the blood for a healthy body.

According to many health studies, pomegranate juice or tea is a powerful fruit in curing heart diseases, cognitive impairment and cancer. It reduces LDL oxidation which is responsible in atherosclerotic plaque development. Its magical properties are beneficial in serving carotid blockages and making heart muscles strong.

Keeping the above health benefits of pomegranate in mind, Sunrise has come with its unique product combo pack containing Pomegranate juice and tea. Organic Sunrise Natural Pomegranate Juice destroys breast cancer cells while making healthy cells alone. It inhibits the development of lung cancer and slows down the growth of Prostate cancer and keeps the PSA level stable. Organic Sunrise Pomegranate juice and tea both protect the neonatal brain from damage after injury. Several studies have shown that this juice prevents Cartilage detoriation, arteries, plaque buildup, and Alzheimer’s disease. These drinks lower Cholestrol, maintain Blood pressure and manage dental health. Both of these drinks possess all the natural goodness of pomegranate fruit juice, green tea and black tea, and deliver health benefits related to joints, vision, mind, heart, cells and skin. They are also beneficial in indigestion, anorexia and flatulence, and thus an all time health drink for all ages.

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