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Take Care of Your Heart Naturally

Heart is one of the most vital organs of our body which needs a lot of care. However, due to today’s hard and fast lifestyle, we are ignoring our health to a great extent which in turn making it prone to many diseases. Heart Attack has now become so common that not only old people but also youngsters are experiencing it today. The main causes of heart attack include Obesity, thrombosis, ageing, hypertension, pollution, smoking, and lack of vitamin B.

 heartcare combo pack

In order to Keep your heart healthy and fit, Sunrise Organic has come with its combo pack. In this combo, Sunrise provides you the best organic medicinal doses to take care of your heart and minimize the adverse effects of blood pressure.

This perfect combination for 100% Organic Heart Care combo consists of:

1. Sunrise Heart Care Juice: Heart Care juice is a combined mixture of Ayurvedic herbs like Arjun Extract, Aloevera & Amla. The combination of these herbs works to the reduce chances of strokes or rise/fall in the blood pressure.

2. Sunrise Tulsi Juice: Tulsi is an herb that supports a healthy response to physical and emotional stress. It may help in prevention of changes in mood, immunity and problems associated with stress. Tulsi can be linked with eradication of serious conditions like heart disease and cancer. It has highest amount of anti-oxidant properties.

3. Sunrise Stevia Green Powder: Stevia Green Powder is extracted from dried stevia leaves. Stevia has a natural property of sweetness, and it can be used as a sweetner in many ways. It has a natural property of keeping the Blood Sugar in control, promoting insuline in body and helping in stabilizing the blood pressure.

4. Sunrise Noni Juice: Noni is considered as a wonder fruit which helps in overall healing of the body and acts as a catalyst in the process of herbal medicines. It has a property to provide instant energy and to help in strengthening the body immunity system.

5. Sunrise POME Tea: This product consists of all the natural goodness of Pomegranate Fruit Juice, Green Tea and Black Tea. The phytochemicals of POME Tea delivers health benefits related to Joints, Vision, Heart, and Mind. It helps in making the arteries flexible and decreases the inflation in the lining of the blood vessels. It has a powerful effect on the heart.

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